We rely on clean water, sanitation, surface and groundwater management to ensure health, well-being, resiliency, and livability. As a full-service engineering firm, Kimley-Horn provides integrated solutions that promote resiliency and sustainability across a variety of water systems.

Our experienced teams work with local utilities, municipalities, transportation departments, federal agencies, and flood or water management districts nationwide to ensure the long-term reliability of their infrastructure. We help clients stay up-to-date on emerging technologies, balance local and federal regulations, support stakeholder coordination, meet funding needs, and manage environmental issues around water—our most precious resource.

Advancing Water Infrastructure

Kimley-Horn provides planning, design, permitting coordination, and construction observation services for a variety of water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure projects. From pipelines to pumping stations, treatment plants, and more, our water professionals can help you:

  • Develop creative and cost-effective solutions that consider the value of water through the entire water cycle
  • Identify funding and financing strategies from multiple sources, including grant funding, loans, and other intergovernmental funding assistance
  • Design and manage systems for the supply, collection, treatment, and distribution of water
  • Implement sanitary systems to convey, collect, treat, and dispose of wastewater
  • Address emerging contaminants through water quality planning, treatment, and remediation
  • Evaluate and devise management strategies for your infrastructure to minimize potential risks, increase asset lifespans, and optimize your budget
  • Solve complex stormwater runoff, retention, stream restoration, and water quality treatment challenges through control measures, including green infrastructure and nature-based solutions
  • Develop flood protection and adaptation strategies at all scales
  • Coordinate meaningful and sustained community engagement plans

Partnering with You for Sustained Success

Kimley-Horn has a history of successful water projects achieved through effective management and technical expertise. Our proven record of client service, adaptability, versatility, and responsiveness has helped us become the “go-to” water consultant for our clients most critical endeavors. From plan to design to implementation, our engineers are masters at tackling the toughest challenges and can prepare your water systems for resiliency far down the pipeline.

Related Projects and Case Studies

Kimley-Horn provided water/wastewater, public involvement, and construction administration services for a pintail 3.0 MG storage tank in Flower Mound, TX.

Pintail 3.0 MG Storage Tank

Extensive neighborhood meetings were coordinated by Kimley-Horn to include the neighborhood in the selection of the tank...