Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment and effluent regulations continue to advance, becoming more complex. Kimley-Horn is committed to partnering with you to maintain effective and efficient facility operations―providing sustainable, cost effective solutions as you navigate the ever-changing wastewater treatment cycle.

Wastewater Treatment Expertise

For decades, we’ve provided solutions that meet the needs of municipalities, utility providers, and end users nationwide—with facilities ranging from single-user, onsite systems to major regional systems. We deliver efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient solutions that save on capital and long-term costs.

Our capabilities encompass all planning, design, permitting, and construction observation services for treatment facilities as well as design, implementation, and startup of wastewater treatment processes of all types—from natural treatment systems to advanced wastewater treatment such as membrane bioreactors (MBR). Our experts are familiar with all steps of the process from pretreatment to effluent disposal and biosolids management.

Customized Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our team of engineers, planners, and process designers work on various processes that can safely reintroduce water back into the environment. We work with you to evaluate your operations to improve plant efficiency, utilize available infrastructure, navigate evolving regulations, and develop strategic, long-range, sustainable, cost effective plans.

Safety, process efficiency, ease of operations, asset longevity, and minimizing capital costs are at the forefront of our designs and recommendations. Our professionals develop tailored approaches, utilizing the latest in technology to deliver economical, operator-friendly, wastewater treatment facilities that meet regulatory requirements.

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