Water Quality & Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff in developed environments is a leading contributor to pollution, erosion, and flooding in our rivers, lakes, bays, oceans, and groundwater.

Whether you are a developer or a public agency, you are tasked with protecting our valuable resources. This means you are responsible for the planning, permitting, and designing of stormwater management strategies—all while complying with stormwater and environmental regulations for new and existing development. No matter your location or challenge, we know how to balance the environment’s surface water quality requirements with stormwater management needs.

Protecting the Environment and Your Community

Kimley-Horn’s experts can help you find resource-focused solutions to water quality and stormwater management issues that add value to sites and meet regulatory requirements. These include green infrastructure solutions, watershed or nutrient management plans, regulatory permitting, program developments, and the designing of new or retrofitting of old stormwater control measures or best management practices. We understand that high-value stormwater management and water quality efforts should do more than address a regulatory requirement—they should also provide value to the site or community through a holistic approach that incorporates solutions to flooding, provides open spaces and parks, protects our natural water resources, and considers aesthetics.

Stormwater management provides an opportunity to not only meet obligations, but enhance your community. With Kimley-Horn, you gain access to a multi-disciplined team with the expertise to do just that. From the Southwestern desert and Mississippi floodplains to Florida’s Everglades, we work at the most challenging ends of the water quality spectrum and everything in between. Let us help you realize the full potential of your community’s stormwater management plan.