Traction Travel

Collect, analyze, and automate travel time data and alerts.

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What Is Traction Travel?

Traction Travel is a browser- and mobile-based, cloud-hosted application that provides detailed travel time information. The software can automatically collect crowd-sourced travel time data from Google, Azure, and Waze for any preconfigured, user-defined route. For our clients that are part of the Waze for Cities program, Traction provides access to historical traffic alerts, irregularities, and traffic jams from Waze. View real-time trends, heat maps, travel time vs. time of day graphs, threshold notifications, and traffic health over time.

Traction Travel also includes a mobile application that allows users to perform travel time runs in the field, collecting second-by-second travel time data throughout the drive that can then be uploaded, viewed, and analyzed within the Traction web application.


Traction Travel is an efficient and cost-effective way to gather performance data.

Substantial savings and increased travel time accuracy compared to Bluetooth field devices.

Streamlined calibration of any other source of travel time data.

No lead time required. Data collection and threshold monitoring starts the moment you request it.

No costly infrastructure or time-consuming deployments required.

How It Works

Traction Travel is easily integrated with other software systems, including complementary modules in the Traction Smart Cities ecosystem, and supports the complete family of National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) standards, including NTCIP 1211 for signal control and prioritization. 

Traction Travel can help you better understand your transportation network without adding costly infrastructure, allowing you to post accurate travel times on dynamic messaging signs, evaluate construction impacts to travel, evaluate detours and strategies in real-time, and quantify incident impacts. With Traction Travel, you can collect high-resolution data to fully understand your transportation network.

“Traction has proved invaluable for the City to monitor the frequency, duration, and magnitude of congestion events on our key routes. It has allowed us to prioritze capital improvements and communicate the information to City Council. With the mobile app, we can easily gather user trips to validate and calibrate data.”

Get Started

  • Start Traction. Ask your Kimley-Horn contact about Traction Travel, or submit the form below.
  • Focus on Your Needs. Identify routes of interest and collect second-by-second trajectory data using the mobile app. Integrate Traction with your Waze For Cities data.
  • Let the Data Tell the Story. Fuel the ability to make strategic, fact-based decisions based on clear data trends.

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