Seamlessly Integrate and Manage a Wide Variety of ITS Devices for Improved Control, Automation, and Response

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Successful traffic operations are founded on real-time control and effective monitoring software. The customizable KITS™ freeway and arterial transportation management system provides the right technical solutions to fit your current needs and future goals, all while supporting your existing infrastructure.

KITS™ integrates our proven arterial and freeway control functionality with a wide variety of ITS devices and analysis tools. In addition to traditional signal and freeway device support, KITS™ integrates the latest technologies for ATMS including transit signal priority, advanced signal timing analytics, decision support, and support for most major ITS communication protocols. KITS™ provides the depth of functionality that is needed to support your operations while being flexible enough to work with your preferred hardware.

Our Smart Cities solutions are built by traffic engineers for traffic engineers. Kimley-Horn can help you reach your goals by pairing innovative and customizable technology solutions with our experienced team of transportation engineering professionals to guide, support, and maintain your system. Decades of successful implementations have proven how the scalable architecture of KITS™ can address the specific challenges of your local traffic conditions.

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Reach Your Goals With KITS

In one integrated system, KITS™ allows you to:

Access real-time knowledge of system conditions. KITS™ provides CCTV control, equipment monitoring, and video wall management to monitor all your field devices from one application, with CCTV control, video wall control, camera tours, scheduled presets, real-time displays, and dynamic GIS maps.

Configure KITS™ to notify you before issues become problems. Get immediate updates on detector malfunctions, stuck pedestrian buttons, abnormal phase timing, congestion alerts, and more. Gain proactive control by automatically repositioning cameras when congestion thresholds are reached. Detection elements include congestion maps, incident detection, controller phase monitoring, detector malfunction monitoring, automatic controller database verification, and support for radar, video, and wireless devices.

KITS™ notifies you of activities that require attention or response. In addition to real-time displays, you can select from configurable priority-based alerts, to receive audible alerts, emails, or text messages. You can also receive automated scheduled reports, configured to your needs.

Resolve unexpected congestion issues with ease. When traffic incidents, inclement weather, or other events cause congestion, integrated CCTV and DMS allow you to control the response.

Give drivers critical safety and condition information across multiple channels. KITS™ offers DMS with real-time travel times, website integration, 511 and third-party ATIS, twitter feeds, and smartphone support.

View the status of all ITS devices anytime, anywhere, from one central dashboard. Management options include maps with aerials, multi-agency security, event logging, user logging, and data archiving/retrieval. With our Decision Support technology, users or the system can automatically initiate responses to congestion conditions or incidents.

Use quick commands and adaptive control to increase your response time. KITS™ allows you to remotely control your devices, providing central scheduling for TOD and special events.

Revolutionize the way you store and archive timing data. Keep a history of all timing revisions with KITS™ archive capabilities. Configuration tools include controller database editors, excel timing sheet exports, controller history tracking, a visual timing plan editor, and a DMS message editor.

Create and monitor vehicle progression across your system. Take advantage of time-space diagrams, turning movement count analyses, performance metrics, and a comprehensive Synchro interface to dial in your traffic plans.

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