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Kimley-Horn retail development engineering services

As a retail professional, you know the complicated routine. It’s an art form and a juggling act—navigating site availability, zoning ordinances, lengthy approval processes, transportation impacts, utility infrastructure, neighborhood opposition, and more. eCommerce and urbanization add to an already complex process.

To close on a property or receive a certificate of occupancy, you need answers and results—fast. Whether you’re simply curious about your property’s development potential or you’re planning a shopping center, regional mall, entertainment complex, or retail roll-out, a thorough understanding of local agencies and regulations is crucial—along with sense of urgency throughout the approval, design, and construction processes.

Fortunately, Kimley-Horn can handle these complex challenges under one roof. Our ability to pull resources from across the country means you get the team you need, when and where you need it. And by collaborating across our multiple disciplines, we can streamline your process and shave precious days from your schedules, saving you both time and money.

Get Past the Red Tape

Our project managers, planners,  engineers, and landscape architects know the intricacies of your business. We’ve earned accolades from developers, retailers, contractors, architects, and land use attorneys who trust us to cut through the red tape and deliver results. We can help you minimize total project costs, reduce time spent overseeing projects, and increase stakeholder satisfaction.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran in the land development business, Kimley-Horn will anticipate your needs, earn your trust, and bring you creative solutions that put a smile on your face.