Streetscape, Landscape, & Irrigation

Your downtown streets are vital linear public spaces that should be designed to enhance the overall living environment. These valuable community assets can be the centerpiece of a vibrant neighborhood or downtown area.

By implementing practical designs that respond to the pedestrian scale, enhance safety, and promote connectivity, people will walk more, drive less, and feel safer. Over time, a successful streetscape will attract quality development, thus increasing property values and economic development opportunities.

Creating Places for People

Kimley-Horn is renowned for urban redevelopment, streetscape, and town planning projects nationwide, with an emphasis on pleasing visual environments, meaningful themes, a distinctive image, and a strong sense of place. With an experienced team of urban planners, landscape architects, and civil engineers, we can apply creative, realistic approaches to your projects while delivering unique solutions.

Kimley-Horn’s ability to provide successful streetscape solutions results from a finely tuned balance between landscape architecture, roadway design, traffic engineering, civil engineering, and stakeholder engagement. Our streetscape designs consider traffic and roadway design parameters, landscaping, irrigation, visibility, lighting, and relationship of the street to the overall environment. Being able to provide a broad range of services helps us to successfully implement your vision, while solving the specific engineering challenges that each project presents. Ultimately, our goal is to respond to the unique needs of your community.

The basic tenet of roadway landscaping is to provide an enjoyable driving experience while recognizing the importance of safety and maintenance. Kimley-Horn has designed many roadway landscapes throughout the country, each representing the challenges associated with limited space, water conservation, plant survivability, utility conflicts, and traffic congestion. Our team’s landscape approach focuses on the use of plant material in a manner that creates a “rhythm” or “theme” for the roadway corridor—varying tree heights, combining different plant species for textural interest, and spacing plant material are methods of creating aesthetically pleasing vehicular corridors. Our landscape architects will provide you with professional designs while maintaining the goal of developing cost-effective solutions with a sensitivity to the unique aesthetic and environmental conditions of your community.

Water conservation is a focal issue in designing and maintaining landscapes. Kimley-Horn’s irrigation specialists provide professional irrigation design integrated with water management solutions while utilizing the most recent technology in controllers, irrigation heads, micro-irrigation, and bubbler systems. Our goal is to help ensure that water conservation, water management, and irrigation design are wholly addressed to meet the specific site and environmental conditions of your community.