Pavement & Asset Management

When you are maintaining existing properties with a sea of asphalt, capital expenses for pavements may be one of your largest budget concerns. Therefore, repairing the right pavement, with the right repair and at the right time, is vital. You need a partner who understands your priorities; one who knows how the serviceability of your pavements are impacted over time and can develop a plan to meet your needs.

Kimley-Horn has provided assessments on more than 400 million square ft. of pavement and has repaired more than 200 million square ft. of pavement in the last five years. Our team knows how to make your project a success.

Kimley-Horn’s pavement engineers can deliver in-depth pavement assessments and develop accurate 5-year Capital Improvement and Protection Plans (CIPP). Our team looks for optimal repair solutions, focusing on pavement that, if left unpaired, could cost significantly more to maintain. Our ability to determine immediate life/safety or optimal repair costs, predict long-term repair costs, and develop 5-year capital budget plans has helped our clients to accurately wrap their hands around future expenses so there are no last-minute surprises. We understand local conditions and the mechanics of soils as they relate to the performance of pavements, and can provide creative and cost-effective solutions to pavement and sidewalk repairs—always moving forward to meet your aggressive schedule and budget.

ArcGIS Data Collection

Our professionals are on the leading edge in geo-referencing pavement distresses, sidewalk deficiencies, and other site hardscape features that impact your current and long-term capital budgets. The ability to accurately define and locate this information—and seamlessly transfer it to reports, spreadsheets, and construction documents—allows our engineers the time necessary to bring you solutions that will yield greater efficiency and better end results. Our GIS programming capabilities can quickly create icons for tracking assets unique to your site to develop better budgets and define capital needs for your long-term operations.

Full-Service Asset Management Consulting

Our pavement experts, spread across more than 80 offices around the United States, will help minimize travel costs and ensure our experts are readily available to support your needs. Additionally, our stormwater and environmental experts will keep your project on track where pavement disturbances must meet applicable regulations.

Kimley-Horn has provided asset management solutions for companies with portfolios containing 1 to 500 properties and up to 300 acres of pavement. No matter the size of your operation, the Kimley-Horn team will partner with you to implement cost-effective, long-term pavement solutions that will save you money.