Transit & Rail Consulting Services

You have an opportunity to enhance your transit system, but how much funding is required for each phase? And where will the money come from? You’re considering more economical solutions, but how do you determine which mode will help you achieve a higher return on investment? You want to increase the efficiency of your existing systems, but are you ready to commit to integrated corridor management?

With local expertise and national resources, Kimley-Horn provides transit consulting services for all of these considerations. We can help you identify how much funding your transit project needs—and we can help you obtain that money through grants and other sources.

Our Advanced Land Transportation Performance Simulation (ALPS) software helps us meet your needs for modeling and simulation of complex multi-modal environments—analyzing transit systems from vehicle performance modeling to signal priority and integrating schedules of various modes for optimal operations. In addition, our experience with integrating facilities through ITS and transit operations positions us as a strong partner for integrated corridor management.

A Well-Vested Partner

From increasing the efficiency of an existing transit system to beginning a new modal investment, you need a well-vested partner who understands and is committed to multiyear projects. As a full-service firm, Kimley-Horn provides transit expertise in everything from feasibility studies to complete turnkey transit solutions for clients across the nation. Known for our multimodal and intermodal solutions, we cover the full range of technologies from streetcars and light rail to heavy rail, commuter rail and inter-city rail, bus and para-transit, BRT, and unique solutions such as personal rapid transit and automated guideway systems. We focus on the complete solution, so your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Related Projects and Case Studies

Kimley-Horn provided design, permitting, and construction phase services for the Desert Sky Transit Center for the Phoenix Public Transit Department.

Desert Sky Transit Center

As the Phoenix Public Transit Department's existing transit center lacked the infrastructure needed to properly provide adequate...

Kimley-Horn has provided a wide-range of services for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's (VTA) BART Silicon Valley (BSV) project.

BART Silicon Valley Extension

Kimley-Horn has provided a wide-range of services for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's BART Silicon Valley...

Kimley-Horn provides program management support to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) for the extension of the Orange Line Metrorail.

Dulles Corridor Metrorail

Kimley-Horn has been providing owner program management support services since 2008 to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority...

Kimley-Horn served as the prime planning and engineering design consultant for SANDAG’s Blue Line light rail renewal.

Blue Line Light Rail Transit Renewal

Kimley-Horn was selected by the San Diego Association of Governments to provide transit-related services for the Metropolitan Transit System's...

Northstar Commuter Rail

Northstar Commuter Rail

The Northstar Corridor Development Authority (NCDA) selected Kimley-Horn to provide overall project management and engineering services for...