Trenchless Technology

A complex web of water and wastewater pipelines extend throughout our communities—running under neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and even historical and landmark sites. Disruption of the surrounding environment for installation of a new line or rehabilitation of an existing line is not always the most economical option and may not even be feasible in some situations.

Trenchless pipeline design encompasses a variety of subsurface construction techniques involving limited entry/exit holes and no continuous open trenches. Compared to open-cut pipeline replacement, trenchless technology can save you money and time and protect landscape and existing infrastructure.

Trenchless technology options are as diverse as the wide array of projects that benefit from their application. Kimley-Horn has the experience to partner with you to make a critical determination of the most advantageous method and pipe material based on site conditions, length/alignment, depth, number of service connections, proximity of other utilities, budget, stakeholder demands, permitting requirements, local contractor capabilities, and other factors. We will work with you to perform a careful, thorough analysis of existing conditions and project needs and clearly communicate trenchless options, including benefits and any limitations.

Kimley-Horn’s trenchless experts are nationally recognized and regularly share knowledge and lessons learned at nationwide conferences for organizations such as the Underground Construction Technology Association, NASTT, ASCE UESI, and the North American Society for Trenchless Technology.

The goal of trenchless technology is to minimize disruption and cost while maintaining and improving service. Let Kimley-Horn partner with you to make an informed selection of the best trenchless technique and provide you with an effective, feasible, and constructable pipeline design.

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