Data Centers & Mission Critical Facilities

Data centers are a vital component of our modern world, housing vast amounts of mission critical resources that power our daily lives—from enabling seamless communication to fueling cutting-edge research. Due to the complexity and evolution of data-driven systems, a multidisciplinary approach is needed from the beginning to make data centers and mission critical facilities reliable, secure, and redundant to improve reliability.

As a full-service consulting firm, we understand the challenges in developing data centers and mission critical facilities and are equipped to help you navigate the evolving data landscape. Kimley-Horn partners with you to design, implement, and maintain a wide range of infrastructure that supports operations and secures your most valuable assets.

Streamlined Processes for Your Data Center

Our integrated approach streamlines the data center development process from due diligence through construction.

Strategic Site Selection

We understand the specific needs and requirements of your data center project and will partner with you to evaluate your selected location. Our multidisciplinary team conducts a thorough site assessment that considers a wide range of factors—including location, accessibility, environmental impact, roadway and utility infrastructure, and much more. Through our interconnected network of experts across the United States, we can then identify the local, state, and federal regulations that apply to your mission critical facility’s construction and operations.

Planning Your Data Center Campus

Kimley-Horn will partner with you to create an overall campus plan that considers the placement of data center buildings, power infrastructure, cooling systems, and site circulation while accommodating visionary expansion down the road. To create space for tomorrow’s uncertainties, our team also integrates resiliency and redundancy into our designs to set your power, water, roadway, and fiber services up for success.

Data Center Site Design and Infrastructure

Our team not only creates a secure environment for your on-site mission critical facility, but we also ensure that off-site systems adapt to your needs. We design and permit all required off-site infrastructure, such as utility extensions, power capacity upgrades, and roadway improvements, to keep your data center up-and-running and mitigate service challenges.

Preparing Construction Drawings and Permitting

Your mission critical facility needs to fit into a pre-existing environment, and our team can help you get from step one to full approval. We create construction drawings to gain zoning approvals and land use permits from local authorities, secure permits related to environmental impact, and coordinate with utility companies for on-time installation and connection of services.

Kimley-Horn views your data center and mission critical facility through a multidisciplinary lens from start to finish—contact us today so we can partner with you to get your most secure and complex projects off the ground today!