Diversity & Inclusion at Kimley-Horn

Kimley-Horn is committed to an inclusive environment where diversity is embraced, valued, and celebrated. This means creating and sustaining an environment where employees feel they are treated fairly and equitably and have an equal opportunity to flourish—no matter who they are or what they do.

Prioritizing diversity & inclusion helps us all grow, by bringing broader perspectives, different points of view, and a greater understanding of the increasingly diverse client base and communities we serve. By recruiting, mentoring, developing, and retaining diverse staff at all levels, we can fuel innovation and increase our competitive advantage within the marketplace.

To create a more diverse staff, we commit to: 

To create a more inclusive environment, we commit to:

Kimley-Horn's Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Kimley-Horn’s D&I Committee serves as a resource for employees who’d like to join the D&I conversation. There are four standing members—director of HR, recruiting lead, a Board of Directors representative, and an “at large” member—and seven regional representatives. The current committee represents four minority groups (Black, Latino, American Indian, and Asian), the LGBTQ+ community, and a person with a disability. They also represent different religious backgrounds, beliefs, and generations.  

“I am passionate about D&I because everyone deserves to be heard.”

Gabrielle Amado

“Listening, understanding, and responding to everyone that we encounter is vital to producing a plan that truly attempts to represent a community.”

Nick Chen

"The biggest opportunity is to listen. We need to be willing to ask questions, be vulnerable to learn and share, and create a welcoming office environment."

Scott Colvin

"I am passionate because I was fortunate to have so many people support and believe in me. I want everyone at Kimley-Horn to feel that same level of acceptance and support that I have known during my career."

Jeff Dale

"When you have multiple people in a room who have diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, it creates an environment to grow."

Amanda Fuchs

“I have been lucky to be a part of different communities where diversity has existed at many levels. Seeing these communities firsthand has shown me what can be achieved when diversity is supported.”

Roger Garza

“I am passionate about a Kimley-Horn where every employee feels that they belong and can contribute to the firm's success and community.”

Lori Hall

"I think the best teams—the ones that change the world; the ones they make movies about—not only include a variety of perspectives and experiences, but they also cultivate, encourage, and celebrate them."

Erin Henderson

“There is never too small an effort that goes unnoticed, we start with ourselves and our team, and it will quickly spread outwards.”

Rafael Machado

"I am passionate about D&I because I want to be part of leading a changing reality—for my friends, my co-workers, my company—but most of all for my children."

Fareed Pittalwala

"Our D&I initiatives are in the forefront of our firm’s focus; therefore all employees should embrace these and reach out to the D&I Committee members for clarifications and suggestions."

George Puig

"D&I just makes sense―strong team, friendships, and relationships should be accepting of our differences and should value perspectives that have been shaped by experiences different from your own."

David Samba

"My desire is to help ensure fewer people have hurtful experiences in the workplace by intentionally creating spaces where people from various cultures and backgrounds can feel welcomed, seen, and valued for who they are."

Mike Sanders

"While we are all different, we truly are also the same. I want to help people respect and embrace differences, find commonalities, and build genuine connections from there."

Victoria Taylor

"My desire is to help ensure fewer people have hurtful experiences in the workplace by intentionally creating spaces where people from various cultures and backgrounds can feel welcomed, seen, and valued for who they are."

Mike Sanders

Supporting Our Employees

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Kimley-Horn provide a sense of belonging by connecting staff with similar backgrounds; provide mentoring opportunities; and assist staff in professional development.

Black Kimley-Horn Network (BKN)

Black Kimley-Horn Network (BKN) seeks to provide resources, support, development opportunities, and a safe space where Black employees at Kimley-Horn can connect and flourish.​​​

Military KHonnections

Military KHonnections provides a connection platform for Kimley-Horn employees who are involved in the military or are allies; advocates for the Kimley-Horn military community to ensure we remain a military-ready company; and integrates individuals with strong military values and work ethic into the Kimley-Horn culture.

Pride KHonnect

Pride KHonnect aims to create a sense of belonging for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or other genders/identities by providing opportunities to connect with other LGBTQ+ employees, offering mentoring opportunities, and assisting our LGBTQ+ employees in professional development.

Unidos @ KH

Unidos @ KH’s goal is to foster a community of partners who are committed to education, connection, and empowerment, creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all Hispanic and Latino partners. 

Our Women @ KH ERG envisions a workplace where outstanding professional women choose to build their careers. Where highly qualified women are represented in all areas of the firm, earning and playing active roles in decision-making bodies and contributing valuable perspectives. Learn more here.

We support a robust Veterans Community with a committee focused on hiring and integrating veterans; we provide Floating Holidays to recognize the variety of religious and multicultural holidays and observances celebrated by employees; we encourage involvement with industry organizations by covering membership costs for every employee; and we recognize the many and varied contributions of people with disabilities and provide adjustments/modifications to a job or the workplace as needed.

Supporting Our Clients + Communities

We alscelebrate a variety of viewpoints, interests, and expertise through industry participation, community involvement, and project work. 

Diversity Awards & Recognition

FORTUNE 100 Best Workplaces for Women
2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

CREW Catalyst Award

ACEC Bay Bridge Diversity Champion Recognition Award

CREW DC Gamechanger Award

CREW Bay Area Break the Ceiling Corporate Leadership Award

WTS Central Virginia Employer of the Year

WTS South Florida Rosa Parks Diversity Award

WTS Orange County Employer of the Year

WTS Atlanta Employer of the Year

WTS San Antonio Employer of the Year

WTS DC Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award

AWWA Diversity Award

WTS South Florida Member and Employer of the Year

Airport AEC Innovation and Inclusion Catalyst Award

WTS San Diego Employer of the Year

Our core purpose is to provide an environment for our people to flourish.

We do this by welcoming diversity of thought and building strong teams who work together toward common goals.