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Surface Water

Kimley-Horn understands your complex surface water needs. Find out how we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to keep your project moving forward.

You have a variety of complex surface water needs. Projects encompass everything from traditional hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and storm drainage system design, culverts, and bridges to holistic urban watershed-based projects that address flood control, water quality, quantity, aesthetics, and mitigation needs.

It is vital to keep up with constantly changing regulations, new technologies, funding opportunities, and stakeholder coordination. You need a consultant who knows the history of your basin, and understands that drainage and stormwater management is a local science, requiring local expertise. One who can balance the freshwater quality and quantity needs of our communities with systems to protect both those communities and the natural environment.

Surface Water Made Easy

Kimley-Horn can help you harness water’s power and potential. We have helped solve complex stormwater runoff, retention, stream restoration, and water quality treatment challenges and developed flood protection strategies for entire watersheds. From planning and design to implementation, our professionals provide innovative, money-saving solutions, keeping you on track and in compliance so that your approvals and projects move forward quickly and efficiently.

Public and private clients alike rely on our expert stormwater modeling and flood control design to make sure that anything from a highway to a high-end retail property will be protected. Cover all of your permitting, design, and construction needs for surface water projects, from start to finish, with Kimley-Horn.

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