Kimley-Horn Sustainability Operating Initiatives

We address our approach to Sustainability from two perspectives: within our offices (Operating Initiatives), and outside our offices as we serve our clients (Sustainable Consulting Services).

We report our efforts related to sustainability in our Corporate Responsibility Report to document and update our employees, clients, and industry partners on our efforts related to Sustainability including tracking our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Operating Initiatives:

As a firm that values our in-person culture, we will maintain a predominantly in-person work environment. We will do so with business decisions that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. We will continue to empower our employees to look for common sense opportunities that will reduce Kimley-Horn’s environmental impact. 

To support this commitment, we are taking the following actions:  

  • For the office spaces we choose to occupy:
    • We will utilize a Green Leasing Checklist that takes into consideration building efficiency, location relative to transportation access (e.g., transit, EV, bicycle, walkability), the design and layout of the space itself, and proximity to our clients and staff. 
  • For what we consume:  
    • We will utilize a Green Purchasing Checklist that takes into consideration Kimley-Horn’s preference to purchase and use environmentally preferable products when they perform satisfactorily and can be acquired at a similar total cost. The checklist would take into consideration recycled materials, remanufactured products, and product end-of-life management. 
    • We will evaluate fleet vehicles for more energy-efficient options. 
  • For our people:  
    • We will invest in technology to allow the use of electronic review and virtual document storage. 
    • We will encourage virtual shifting, meeting, and training (when appropriate) while still valuing in-person relationship building.  
    • We will provide our employees reasonable flexibility in their roles to balance personal commitments and needs with client, firm, office, and team responsibilities. 
  • For our continued growth and enhancement: 
    • We will appoint Sustainability Champion(s) in each region to coordinate with office Green Teams to promote alternative tools and to implement local solutions (i.e., recycling, composting, volunteering for local cleanup and tree planting activities, etc.)  

Client Service Initiatives:

As a leading planning and design consultant in our industry, our professionals cater to a diverse range of clients with varying environmental needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional client service by adapting to changes in the market, client requirements, and regulations. We firmly believe that design professionals should possess extensive knowledge about a wide range of design, materials, and constructability options. It is equally important for us to understand the potential impacts of our clients’ choices. As trusted advisors, our clients rely on us to provide solutions that align with their objectives and inform them about alternative options, including sustainable materials and delivery methods. Additionally, we will strive to stay well-informed about our clients’ environmental considerations.

To do this, we continue to take the following actions:  

  • Support regular sustainability trainings that focus on various market sectors and regulatory environments relative to the geographic areas we serve.   
  • Promote opportunities for our staff to learn about environmental considerations of materials, design, and constructability. 
  • Budget for and fund the appropriate continued education and professional accreditations for employees related to sustainability.  
  • Grow our practices that focus on sustainable infrastructure and development.  
  • Offer to educate our clients and increase their awareness of solutions that employ processes, materials, and construction techniques that can reduce environmental impacts. 

Our core purpose is to provide an environment for our people to flourish.

We do this by welcoming diversity of thought and building strong teams who work together toward common goals.