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Kimley-Horn understands the special challenges of healthcare facility development. We are known for our ability to build consensus and manage complicated project issues.

Emergency vehicle access. Pedestrian and vehicle circulation. Parking challenges. Specific infrastructure needs. Access management. High levels of utility demand. Pleasing healthcare staff, patients, and visitors.

Healthcare facilities must consider these factors and more, which creates complex projects that far exceed the demands of ordinary development. There’s also a pressure to complete healthcare facilities as soon as possible, while at the same time balancing new technologies with facility longevity.

Standard Operating Procedure

The unique demands of healthcare facility development are no problem for Kimley-Horn. Our expert planners, engineers, and environmental scientists are known for their ability to build consensus and manage complicated project issues. We’ll break through the barriers to help deliver your project on time and on budget.

Kimley-Horn’s healthcare team is expert in a wide range of crucial services for healthcare facilities. We have a strong healthcare resume in transportation planning, infrastructure resiliency, parking, water utilities, landscape architecture, environmental analyses, site civil engineering, and more.

Our collaborative multi-discipline structure allows you to tackle your challenges with a single team, making projects run more smoothly and efficiently. So whether you’re seeking to improve your accessibility, create soothing exterior spaces, or develop your infrastructure, Kimley-Horn is the only team you need.