Roadway & Bridge

Roadways and bridges are the foundation of our transportation system. They enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, spur economic growth and development, and support multiple travel modes and trip types. At Kimley-Horn, we understand the importance of enhancing this network to improve nationwide mobility and connection.

For more than 50 years, Kimley-Horn has been providing planning and design services to support our clients’ informed decision-making about future investments for repair, modernization, restoration, and transformation of thousands of miles of roads and bridges. We strategically manage critical factors such as risk, funding, cost, and schedule to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery. We also continually design practical and innovative solutions that emphasize flexibility, durability, and resilience—helping our clients maneuver through project obstacles with confidence.

Navigating Roadway Challenges with Full-Range Services

The safe, efficient, and reliable operation of our roadway and bridge networks is challenged by many factors, including complex and evolving regulations and standards, uncertain funding, rising costs, and attention from vocal audiences. When project needs are urgent and the pressure to deliver is real, you need a consultant who is experienced in navigating these variables. To meet your array of project needs, we provide you with a full range of roadway and bridge advisory, planning, design, and delivery-support services, including:

Comprehensive Roadway and Bridge Solutions

Kimley-Horn’s national roadway and bridge experience spans a wide range of projects, from complex interstate systems and interchanges to local streets. Our roadway and bridge experts have planned and designed diverging diamonds, system-to-system interchanges, managed lane facilities, road widenings, roads on new location, new and rehabilitated bridges, and sophisticated multimodal corridors.

Our team takes ownership of your success as if it were our own—because it is. Whether simple or complex, small or large, we confidently deliver roadway and bridge solutions that are feasible, fundable, and constructible.

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