Client Service

Of all the things we’re passionate about, client service is at the top of the list. We find our greatest satisfaction in making our clients successful.

Ask a Kimley-Horn employee what they love about their job, and one of the first things you’ll hear about is their zeal for tackling tough client problems. Many will tell you about the money they’ve saved their clients through innovative and thoughtful solutions. Others will tell you of the friendships they’ve built over years of working with a client on multiple projects.

We understand that our clients are the reason we exist. And we’re committed to providing exceptional service that makes them glad we’re here.

Thank you for going 'above and beyond the call of duty' last night at the Gamble Street Drainage Improvement project. The help and advice you provided to the City of Wildwood was invaluable and very much appreciated. The fact that you stayed with us until the wee hours of the morning shows the commitment you have to the City.

Dave Grimm
Gamble Street Drainage Improvement project

In every interaction with staff from Kimley-Horn regardless of the staff member, project, or circumstance, I found your firm to be courteous and professional and always willing to listen to the customer. More importantly, Kimley-Horn could be counted on to do exactly what it said it would do, in the frame it said it would deliver and within budget—a very rare occurrence in your industry.

Derek Poarch | Former Chief, Department of Public Safety
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Kimley-Horn asked me to dream. No consultant had ever asked me to do that before. They said, 'Think about how you could handle your job more easily and effectively.' We talked about it for ten or fifteen minutes. It started something in my mind. It helped me see how I could broaden the project impact to expand the effectiveness of the whole incident response program. With that question, Kimley-Horn helped more than this project; they helped all of Orange County's incident response team.

Adel W. Malek | Traffic Management Team Leader
California DOT (Caltrans), District 12

You all have been very responsive and have joined with us in making the safety of the traveling public your foremost objective. Successful delivery of this initiative could not have been accomplished without your hard work and cooperation. Thanks for your efforts. I feel lucky to have such strong consultant support available.

Mena Lockwood

You are going to save us far more through your work than we will end up paying you. We cannot thank you enough for coming on board to help us.

Mayor Fland Sharp
City of Jacksonville Beach, Florida