Pipeline Engineering

Kimley-Horn can provide pipeline engineering services to maintain or replace your pipeline system.

Communities around the country rely on safe, efficient pipeline systems for the effective transport of water and wastewater. But as regulations continuously change and your infrastructure rapidly ages, it is crucial to maintain and, if necessary, replace these systems to meet the needs of your customers.

With any maintenance and replacement operation, you will encounter numerous planning, design, and construction challenges—right-of-way issues, difficult terrain, funding complications, geopolitical issues, and permitting challenges, among many others. How will you ensure that each of these factors are properly addressed? Reduce your risk by partnering with a knowledgeable pipeline engineering consultant who has the national experience and depth of resources to guide you through any pipeline project.

Comprehensive Pipeline Solutions

Kimley-Horn’s pipeline engineering capabilities encompass all planning, design, permitting, and construction observation services from the onset of a project through approvals and ultimately bringing the system online. We have provided innovative solutions for water mains, gravity sewer mains, force mains, and reclaimed water mains, as well as large and small diameter pipelines through rural and urban corridors. Additionally, our staff has extensive experience with traditional pipeline construction projects, boring and tunneling, directional drilling, slip-lining, and pipe bursting.

Kimley-Horn’s expert pipeline engineering consultants are highly adaptable, as our services routinely include designing under strict regulatory compliance conditions, coordinating with existing utilities to avoid underground conflicts, and integrating with existing systems while maintaining an operational system. We are committed to providing the correct mix of technical, administrative, and professional staff to guarantee that you are receiving the highest level of service.

We are confident in our comprehensive understanding of the challenges you face. Our professionals possess the expertise to help you overcome any obstacle and ensure safe, high quality service for your communities.