Pipeline Design and Engineering

Our communities count on safe, reliable pipeline systems to effectively move water and wastewater. As regulations continuously change and your infrastructure ages, maintenance or replacement of pipelinebecomes crucial to meet customer needs.

Kimley-Horn provides services to partner with you through the navigation of any pipeline engineering planning, design, or construction challenge, including right-of-way concerns, system modeling, difficult terrain, funding complications, geopolitical issues, coordinating with existing utilities, and permitting challengesWe have designed thousands of miles of pipelines throughout urban and rural areas across the country and of varying materials and sizes from 6-inch to 120-inch in diameter From small collection systems to large interceptors and small distribution systems to large transmission mains, our team can provide full-service support and high-quality services for your pipeline engineering needs. 

Comprehensive Pipeline Solutions

Our approach balances your need to reduce initial capital costs, maintain durability, and operate and maintain the pipeline system. Our professionals are knowledgeable about material options and industry lead times and can use this understanding to reduce your construction costs. We function as your independent-thinking pipeline consulting partners. We will discuss and evaluate alternatives with you so you can make informed decisions. Our team of engineers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies for pipeline components, including joints, pipe materials, and lining choices, and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits they provide. Additionally, our staff has extensive experience with trenchless rehabilitation and design, such as boring and tunneling, directional drilling, sliplining, cured-in-place piping, and pipe bursting. At Kimley-Horn, we have successfully helped clients with limited financial resources and tight construction schedules implement dependable pipeline infrastructure built to last. 

From your initial condition assessment or alignment study to construction administration services, let us collaborate with you to make any pipeline project a success.

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