Parks & Recreation

Parks, recreation facilities, trails, and open spaces improve our communities’ physical and psychological health by strengthening the environmental, social, and economic aspects of our neighborhoods. The availability of well-planned and well-designed parks and recreation facilities is critical to maintaining and improving quality of life.

The Perfect Fit for Your Community

Kimley-Horn’s collaborative approach to creating high-quality parks and recreation facilities with a strong sense of place encompasses a thoughtful planning, design, and implementation process. Through engaged listening, collaboration, and technical expertise, we strive to express the uniqueness of your community and help you turn your vision into reality.

Having completed numerous parks and recreation-oriented projects across the U.S.—from small amenity pocket parks to 20,000-acre natural resource areas to system-wide park master plans—we emphasize the development of a functional, visually pleasing environments, featuring meaningful themes and strong connections to the community while being conscientious stewards of the development costs and long-term maintenance. Our team of landscape architects, planners, and engineers also offers parks and recreation planning and design expertise in feasibility studies, system-wide master planning, multi-use trails, urban park plaza hardscape design, sports complexes, private recreation facilities, and equestrian facilities.

Kimley-Horn brings a national perspective to your project, pooling the collective expertise and design talents of hundreds of our parks and recreation design professionals located across the U.S. This readily-available combination of our resources helps us to push our park projects beyond mere completion and in the direction of innovation, weaving them into your community’s fabric.

Related Projects and Case Studies

Kimley-Horn was selected by the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority to prepare both a master plan and construction documents for the Bradenton Riverwalk in Bradenton, Florida.

Bradenton Riverwalk

In partnership with the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority, Kimley-Horn prepared both a master plan and construction documents...

Kimley-Horn provided landscape architecture, civil, environmental, and transportation consulting services for North Woods expansion at Piedmont Park.

Piedmont Park

Kimley-Horn provided landscape architecture, civil and environmental engineering, grant application assistance, and transportation consulting services for the...

Kimley-Horn provided planning, landscape architecture, surface water, and environmental services for the North Carolina Veteran's Park in Fayetteville, NC.

North Carolina Veterans Park

Kimley-Horn led a multidisciplinary/multi-firm design team for this project—providing planning, landscape architecture, surface water, and environmental services.