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Accurate Pump Performance Testing and Evaluation

Keep your pumps running and gather complete, accurate data quickly with Kimley-Horn’s dedicated pump performance testing team and patent-pending pump performance evaluation tool, XAK-PACK. XAK-PACK is applicable for water, wastewater, and stormwater pump stations.

This solution is a temporary data collection tool developed by Kimley-Horn that logs up to 43 hydraulic and electrical pump and motor performance parameters every second. Its real-time data graphing and Kimley-Horn’s field-testing methodology allow the team to collaborate with pump station operators on pump diagnoses and performance. Through this collaboration, the team can deliver actionable results that capture operator input. 

Beyond XAK-PACK, Kimley-Horn’s technical experts have a wide range of experience in design and construction management of pump stations. This diverse expertise informs their holistic analysis of the station, accounting for operations, budget, expansion plans, and public awareness.

Invest in Your Pump Station Infrastructure

Comprehensive pump station data can be difficult to acquire, and it’s only one of many urgent challenges facing a utility. Due to other pressing obstacles, operators must often defer pump station maintenance. However, early infrastructure investments can pay off in many ways:

  • Minimize unexpected failures
  • Avoid costly shutdowns
  • Prevent disruption to customers
  • Lower the risk of excessive future maintenance
  • Increase the lifecycle of your pumps
  • Reduce energy consumption

XAK-PACK and Kimley-Horn’s technical team can help you collect data to face infrastructure obstacles head-on and set your pump stations up for long-term success.

How It Works

Kimley-Horn staff own and operate XAK-PACK throughout the entire pump performance lifecycle. To start, our team will tailor test parameters and analysis based on client needs, including:

  • Calibrated pump performance curves for hydraulic modeling
  • Capacity and startup testing
  • System curve generation for pump station rehabilitation
  • Premature failure or excessive maintenance
  • General troubleshooting
  • Energy efficiency and energy audits
  • Surge monitoring

Additionally, Kimley-Horn staff perform a visual condition assessment of the site’s civil, mechanical, and electrical components. XAK-PACK is not installed for long periods of time at any pump station, and our team typically completes the pump performance testing and condition assessment in a single day.

Why Kimley-Horn

Kimley-Horn spent thousands of hours testing pump station performance through conventional methods. The firm’s experts noticed a common theme with every pump: data gathering was inaccurate, time-consuming, and limited. So, we came up with a better way. XAK-PACK eliminates traditional sources of error, such as:

    • Reliability of sensors or loss of sensor calibration
    • Limited frequency of data logging
    • Buffering or averaging algorithms that miss variations in measurements
    • Partial information capture
  • Analog or Electronic Loggers
    • Limited frequency of analog data logging
    • Analog measurements that are not taken at the same time
    • Linking independent measurements to the same “time”

The Kimley-Horn pump performance team has evaluated more than 500 pump stations ranging from 0.5 to 2,250 hp across the United States, identifying problematic performance issues and saving clients thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs. Our team can test all types of pumps—such as submersible, vertical turbine, open line shaft, horizontal split case, and vacuum prime—and we bring all the necessary equipment and work with your staff to collect the desired data precisely and efficiently.

Get Started

Avoid service disruptions by reaching out today. Our XAK-PACK testing methods and technical experts can set your system up for success and significant savings.  

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