County needs arise daily, whether building a new bridge, designing a trail, repairing a road, or myriad other challenges. Large and small projects alike require funding, a high level of expertise, and clear communication to stakeholders and communities impacted by these changes.

When choosing the right advisor, look for a trusted team of professionals that can effectively involve the public in project updates, distinguish your grant application from others, and bring national experience to the table.

Planning for Your County’s Needs

At Kimley-Horn, we understand your county’s needs at their core—not only what’s feasible for your area, but how to advance county plans while engaging in positive dialogue with the community. We combine our multidisciplinary expertise and deep local presence to make your project a success. Our team has helped our county partners avoid costly permitting delays, strengthen public-private partnerships, obtain critical grant funding, and integrate public engagement into project plans through our long-term, trusted local relationships. Choosing Kimley-Horn for your county won’t just ensure a successful project: it will add a trusted advisor to your organization and community for a successful future.

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