Pump Stations/Storage Tanks

Pump stations and storage tanks play an essential role in our water and wastewater collection and distribution systems, helping keep operations at optimum levels. From master planning and conceptual design to construction observation and administration, the professionals at Kimley-Horn can readily address your needs. We look forward to partnering with you on a range of services for water/wastewater pump stations, in-line booster pump stations, ground and elevated storage tanks, and reservoir projects.

Water and Wastewater Pump Stations

Pump stations add energy into the system and keep water and wastewater flowing to customers and critical facilities. Pump stations must be efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and fit within capital budget constraints. Kimley-Horn designs new pump stations and renovations/rehabilitations for existing pump stations in their current locations—while keeping facilities operational. Our expertise ranges in pump stations with capacities from 0.1 million gallons per day (MGD) to more than 100 MGD for a variety of applications all over the nation.

As a full-service consulting firm, Kimley-Horn offers you a comprehensive understanding of elements critical to pump station design, master planning, site selection and civil engineering, regulations and standard of care adherence, reliability and backup power generation, pump type comparison, mechanical, electrical, structuralenvironmental, permitting, and construction phase services and startup. We also provide asset management services and pump station condition assessment and evaluations with our proprietary XAK-PACK smart utility solution. This tool provides an accurate analysis that includes pump curve calibration, capacity verification, surge monitoring, wire-to-water efficiency, and system curve generation. Our team’s experience and expertise can help navigate any challenge on a pump station project and streamline specific services required.

Ground and Elevated Storage Tanks

Both ground and elevated storage tanks provide readily accessible water to be used by homes, businesses, and the public. They also often serve as pressure-maintenance infrastructure to assist in overall system operations and provide for fire flow protection. Functional design is critical for these facilities, and Kimley-Horn professionals can provide an array of services for your new tank design or rehabilitation project. Our team has ample experience working on ground storage tanks sized from 0.2 MG to 10.0 MG and elevated storage tanks sized from 0.1 MG to 3.0 MG, consistently making sure a tank of any size is hydraulically operative.

From tank planning, siting, and platting to aesthetic details such as landscape architecture and electrical design, we can help you establish a purposeful tank that becomes an integrated part of the community. Our team has expertise in the following types of tanks: composite elevated, pre-stressed concrete ground, steel elevated or ground, multi-leg elevated, cast-in-place ground, tendon style ground, glass-lined ground, and more. Kimley-Horn also has extensive experience with rehabilitation of existing storage tanks from minor structural retrofits to significant rehabilitation designs. Our additional services related to water tank design include leading public involvement programs, assistance with funding, and evaluating painting and coating issues. Kimley-Horn offers a complete set of tank design services and can tailor a unique plan for your project.

Related Projects and Case Studies

Kimley-Horn provided water/wastewater, public involvement, and construction administration services for a pintail 3.0 MG storage tank in Flower Mound, TX.

Pintail 3.0 MG Storage Tank

Extensive neighborhood meetings were coordinated by Kimley-Horn to include the neighborhood in the selection of the tank...