SAFETY Act Designated Threat Mitigation Consulting Services

SAFETY Act Designation Kimley-Horn

Vehicle-based terrorist attacks and intentional collisions are unfortunately on the rise in the United States and around the world. With cars and trucks being widely available and easy to operate, venues that have capacity to hold large gatherings of people face increased risks of being targeted for vehicle-based attacks. Kimley-Horn is a SAFETY Act Designated provider of Threat Mitigation Consulting Services (TMCS) to help you prevent and mitigate risks and protect individuals and infrastructure from errant vehicles and vehicle-borne terrorist threats.

SAFETY Act Designated Anti-Terrorism Engineering Services

Kimley-Horn is one of the few engineering firms to receive Designation Status for anti-terrorism services of this kind. Our professional engineering services and proprietary vehicle, traffic modeling, and forensic and other software tools can be used to prevent and mitigate the effects of vehicle-ramming and vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attacks at mass gatherings and protect critical infrastructure. Our SAFETY Act Designated services include:

  • Assessment of existing and proposed infrastructure
  • Evaluation of locations, facilities, attractions, and special events, with the goal of protecting critical infrastructure and/or gatherings of people from vehicle-borne attacks
  • Identification of potential vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation and prioritization planning
  • Design of infrastructure to mitigate potential threats, lessen probability of injuries, and improve chances of saving lives

These services have already been implemented for a range of clients and types of projects, such as:

  • Designing entry fortifications for a U.S. Naval base;
  • Reviewing parking lot layout and safety measures for a national retail chain with hundreds of locations;
  • Reviewing road trajectory at a Federal building;
  • Safety Planning at permanent and temporary public event venues around the country

The manner and format by which terrorists attack continues to evolve, and vehicle-borne threats have become increasingly common. Because of this, a wide variety of clients may find value in TMCS services, especially for projects such as:

SAFETY Act Designation requires rigorous review by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure services meet the requirements as an effective anti-terrorism technology. With our SAFETY Act Designation, Kimley-Horn is equipped to provide services that mitigate risk to critical infrastructure and peoples’ lives.

For more information about TCMS or to learn how Kimley-Horn can assist you in protecting your facility, contact your Kimley-Horn partner or Aaron Nathan.