Transit Agency / Authority

Mobility is a benefit your community members can enjoy—employees commuting from their suburban homes to their urban offices; students traveling around campus; visitors exploring a new city. So it’s no wonder that local government and transit agencies across the country are looking to enhance their transit systems.

As you consider the future of your transit systems, ask yourself if you’re equipped to address the current situation and industry trends. How will you handle the aging infrastructure of existing systems? What federal funding will be authorized over the next few years? Is your transit market prepared for a less car-dependent population? Kimley-Horn’s highly experienced team will deliver integrated solutions that help you answer these questions and more— whether your project spans an urban core, connects rural areas, or extends across multi-state lines.

Our Transit Professionals Can Help You:

  • Identify financing sources and perform cash flow analyses for potential revenue sources
  • Navigate the integration, testing, and acceptance requirements of complex ITS systems
  • Guide your project through a Public Private Partnership (P3) Procurement Process
  • Complete NEPA compliance reviews and approved environmental documents that satisfy FTA requirements
  • Design intermodal stations with enhanced communications systems, ITS, level boarding, and on-board fare collection
  • Implement/modify traffic signals to accommodate transit system priority technologies
  • Coordinate meaningful and sustained community engagement plans

Keep Your Next Project on Track

When project complexities loom large, you can count on Kimley-Horn’s foresight and years of national transit experience to help you master local relationships, community engagement, and environmental compliance. With complete transit solutions for streetcarsbus systems, and bus rapid transit, you can count on Kimley-Horn to help keep your project on track.

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Kimley-Horn provides program management support to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) for the extension of the Orange Line Metrorail.

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