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Leverage diverse perspectives to guide your project to success.

Effective public engagement is critical to the success of many projects—and far too often it presents hurdles with risky consequences. With multiple stakeholders and objectives, it’s easy for the communication process to become disorganized and ineffective.

Having experienced this firsthand, Kimley-Horn’s own planning professionals created PublicCoordinate to make public engagement a simple, affordable, and streamlined step in public or private development projects.  

Public Engagement Made Easy

PublicCoordinate is an interactive map-based platform where you can share project information with the public to gather feedback. Customize your own projects, translate into multiple languages, upload project photos to the map, share multiple alternatives on different layers, and export formatted reports with summary analytics on the comments.

PublicCoordinate can be used for a wide variety of projects and is a great tool whether you want to solicit input on a municipal project with multiple alternatives or share development information on a specific site.

Why Choose PublicCoordinate?


Enhanced features including ADA web accessibility and language translation provide a more inclusive experience for users with disabilities, increases usability, and help you reach a wider audience.

Streamlined Process

Thanks to integrated survey and comment exporting features, the process for soliciting and summarizing public feedback is fast and easy. 

Fully Customizable

Partner with a Kimley-Horn professional to add custom branding and additional features to meet unique needs. 

In-House Support

Kimley-Horn develops and maintains the mapping software, so it is reliable and easy to discuss concerns or make adjustments at any point in the process.


With enhanced capabilities, minimal start up effort, and access across teams, PublicCoordinate is one of the most affordable mapping software solutions in the market.  


How PublicCoordinate Works

With a one-time license fee per project, you will partner with Kimley-Horn to input your project information to this online, interactive mapping software, and embed it on your own website for easy viewing. Customize the mapping interface with your own branding and project information, and take advantage of the many features that make sharing and collecting public feedback a straight-forward process. Filter, sort, and export comments to make inclusive and effective decisions at any stage of the project, from planning and preliminary design to final design and construction phasing. PublicCoordinate simplifies the public engagement process.  

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