Condition Assessment

Municipalities and public utility agencies around the country are facing aging water and wastewater infrastructure. If not assessed and managed properly, these assets can pose major operational, financial, political, and environmental issues for the communities they serve.

Condition assessments are an investment in managing capital and risk. Knowing the structural condition of your assets will allow you to avoid emergencies, prioritize repair and replacement projects, and plan for the future. Though a critical process, financial, environmental, and operational restrictions often stand between you and a successful condition assessment program. Kimley-Horn understands that you need an experienced partner who can help you overcome these challenges—a partner to provide clear, concise, and achievable solutions while meeting quick turnaround times and adhering to your budget.

Proactively Protecting Your Assets

Kimley-Horn’s experts believe in a proactive approach, delivering condition assessments that identify early indicators of deterioration prior to failure. Based on collected data, we identify existing structural conditions, project the remaining useful life of your assets to help prioritize improvements, calculate pipeline internal and external pressure limitations, evaluate risk through a combination of consequences and probability of failure, and identify feasible replacement and rehabilitation alternatives along with opinions of probable construction costs. Combining state-of-the-art inspection technologies and engineering analysis, conditions of your infrastructure will be determined with minimal disruption to utility service.

Delivering fast, accurate responses and efficient solutions is a major component of condition assessment projects.  Our team’s extensive experience with a variety of clients around the country allows us to have an in-depth understanding of your goals, challenges, and how to work within your existing framework. Kimley-Horn’s track record demonstrates our ability to lead and successfully deliver your project, and we are committed to providing you with unmatched services and solutions—from initial planning to final recommendations and capital improvement planning. As your trusted partner, we will work to meet your deadlines and budget and fully deliver on our commitments.