Water Treatment

From conventional to advanced treatment processes, we get clean water to communities nationwide. Kimley-Horn’s water treatment experts understand the many complex challenges facing today’s water treatment facilities—aging infrastructure, funding concerns, evolving regulations, capacity, technology, workforce training, and resiliency.

This understanding comes from decades of assessing the needs of municipalities and utility providers—with facilities ranging from 10,000 gallons per day to 100 MGD—and delivering efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient solutions that save on capital and long-term costs.

Water Treatment Solutions

Our capabilities encompass all planning, design, permitting, and construction observation services for treatment facilities as well as design, implementation, and startup of water treatment processes of all types—from conventional aeration and chlorination systems to high-end treatment processes utilizing technologies such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and membrane softening, ozone, Granular Activated Carbon, and ion exchange.

Our expertise extends beyond technical know-how. Our relationships with regulatory agencies and comprehensive knowledge of their requirements, allow us to guide you through complicated regulatory processes. We understand your need to employ highly skilled and trained operators and offer specialized training in the latest membrane treatment plant operations. Our thorough understanding of the true costs of treatment can uncover opportunities for increased efficiency and, more importantly, prepare your system for future treatment upgrades or expansions.

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