Professional Development

At Kimley-Horn, we are passionate about providing an environment for our people to flourish that is bolstered by our top-notch professional development opportunities.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, you can advance a successful career with our hands-on training programs. As you meet with peers across the country to network and build strong relationships, you will learn about diverse topics—including project management, communication, marketing, business, leadership, and more! Through on-the-job and classroom professional development, we support your thriving career and provide you with the tools you need to build on and continue your success.

Training and Career Development Opportunities

Through both virtual and in-person training opportunities, our professional development programs promote interactive learning and networking for employees of different backgrounds and experience levels. Take a look at some of our top-notch training opportunities below!

Fundamentals of Consulting

A program where participants learn about task and project management, quality, marketing, and career development.

Supervisor Training

This training helps leaders hone the skills of giving feedback, delegation, and developing relationships.

Fundamentals of Business

A program with session topics that include transitioning from task to project management, presentation skills, leadership, and taking ownership.

Technical Training

Opportunities to advance discipline-specific skills for analysts in Aviation, Development Services, Landscape Architecture and Planning, Transportation, Water and Wastewater, and more.

Business Leadership

An event that brings together emerging business leaders to learn about leading through collaboration, team building, growing a sphere of influence, and promoting Kimley-Horn’s business, rewards, and recognition practices.

Culture and Philosophy

Discussions at this event for experienced new hires include the firm’s practice-centered philosophy, partnership cultivation across the firm, and the support provided by Marketing, Business, and Human Resources groups.

Strong Start

An event for recent college graduates that includes discussions on building relationships, expectations for the analyst and the firm, the Path to Ownership, and networking.

People Building

A training that helps selected employees learn how to coach, develop, and mentor staff in their various roles.

Consultant Training

Focusing on skill development for emerging leaders, the courses in this program address career development, leadership, business, marketing, and project and production management.

The Impact of Developing Professionally at

Check out what some of our employees had to say about their professional development experiences and career development at Kimley-Horn.

“Kimley-Horn puts a huge emphasis on building relationships. In all of the training sessions I have been to, I have had opportunities to build relationships and learn from others. I would encourage everyone who goes to any training session to be sure to take advantage of the time to meet new people who could end up being an integral part of your growth and support in the future.”
Anne Cleland
Finance/Accounting/Business, Raleigh
“All the classes are important and great, but I enjoy teaching Leveraging your Personal Brand [at Consultant Training] the most. There is a lot of role-playing and interaction, which makes it a lot of fun and enables me to get to know the students better. We make the students get out of their comfort zone and they are able to take that experience and apply their new confidence immediately in their lives and careers.”
Fareed Pittalwala
Development Services, Sacramento
“I love the emphasis that Kimley-Horn puts on training. I really appreciate the equal importance of relationship building and skill building that goes on at trainings. I think it’s so valuable to spend time with your peers and instructors to get to know them and learn what other teams do and how they work. I’ve made some great connections at each of the trainings I’ve gone to.”
Hannah Nelson
Transit, Seattle
“Consultant Training (CT) seems to give you the keys to really unlock your practice. Coming out of CT created a lot of excitement about taking the next step in my career. I have also been a part of the Technical Training program for numerous years. The courses do a great job of pairing technical knowledge with real-world applications. I believe the Technical Training courses we have built provide great value towards gaining technical competence as a young professional.”
Zachary Schmidt
Surface Water, Phoenix