Water / Wastewater Master Planning / Modeling

To properly maintain your water and wastewater systems, you need solutions that meet your current and future needs while addressing aging infrastructure and water quality.

Through effective master planning and modeling, you will be able to determine the condition of current water and wastewater systems, organize future capital improvement projects to fix system deficiencies, plan for future sustainability and resiliency, and investigate the applicability of current industry technology. As an experienced consultant in both master planning and modeling, Kimley-Horn will partner with you to mold your vision into plans that are acceptable to regulatory agencies, your ratepayers, and you.

Master Planning

Kimley-Horn has provided water and wastewater master planning services for a wide variety of public clients (federal installations, counties, cities, and other utility authorities) and private clients (residential, mixed-use, retail, industrial, and institutional projects). Our master planning expertise includes inventory and analysis, needs assessment/issue identification, development of a schematic master plan, cost projections, public involvement and outreach, and development of an implementation program. Our team will work with you to develop a master plan that enhances the vision of your community, and will support it with a comprehensive and financially realistic implementation program.


Pipe sizing. Needs analysis. Water age. Water quality projects. Surge analysis. No matter your project, Kimley-Horn’s modeling experts know how to make the most of existing data to predict how your facilities will perform. In fact, our extensive in-house library of modeling software can integrate brand new GIS data to simulate your entire range of field conditions. With Kimley-Horn, you have access to modeling expertise that can be used to plan improvements and diagnose problems in your water, wastewater, and reclaimed systems.