Energy Consulting

You look for a lot in your energy consultant. You need a firm that can expedite local permitting and site approvals. One that offers a full breadth of service to meet all the challenges your project will entail—and can call on back-up resources as needed. You need consistent quality, and an understanding of your markets. For all these needs and more, Kimley-Horn delivers. Every time, on every deadline.

Renewable Energy

With growing concerns about the depletion and environmental impacts of fossil fuels as well as the nation’s desire for energy independence, there is a significant focus on the development of clean, renewable energy sources to meet U.S. energy needs. Kimley-Horn understands that to successfully deliver the next generation of fuels and energy producing plants, the energy companies of today need a knowledgeable, forward-thinking design team that’s committed to their success. Kimley-Horn has assisted clients with projects involving all three of the renewable energy sources that have become such important elements of our nation’s energy vision.
Our services include feasibility studies, site civil design, permitting, and other services for solarwind, and biomass energy sources. For any renewable resource, Kimley-Horn provides a wide range services to meet all your consulting needs under one roof.

Natural Gas

Transporting natural gas reliably and efficiently is critical to your operations. Kimley-Horn can help you meet this priority. Whether you need site civil engineering, utility design and modeling, transportation planning, due diligence, or more, we have the experience and the resources to complete your work on time and on budget.  Read more about our natural gas services to see how Kimley-Horn can help.

Kimley-Horn has been one of our preferred vendors for over two years and continually provides outstanding client service. They look for creative solutions to minimize agency approval steps resulting in better, more efficient projects.

Related Projects and Case Studies

Cove Mountain Solar

Kimley-Horn provided professional solar civil engineering services for a 180-megawatt solar generation project in Iron County, Utah.

Kayenta II Solar Kimley-Horn

Kayenta II Solar

Twenty-eight-megawatt renewable energy project helps rural Native Americans connect to the grid for the first time.