Water / Wastewater Reuse

Due to population growth and aging infrastructure in communities around the country, water availability and quality are under increased pressure. Meeting the demand for water today requires thinking beyond conventional water supplies.

Water reuse—the use of treated wastewater or reclaimed water—is becoming more important for beneficial purposes such as agriculture and landscape irrigation, industrial uses, and even drinking water. This valuable process increases communities’ available water supply and can lead to financial and resource savings. But before you can reap the benefits of the reuse process, you need to determine how it fits into your current infrastructure, identify your planned reuse functions, and calculate the financial implications. Whether you need to implement a new reuse program or retrofit an existing system, Kimley-Horn can provide the right solutions tailored to your needs.

Reuse: Alternative Water Supply

Kimley-Horn’s water and wastewater experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the ever-growing reuse market across the country. We are inherently familiar with all treatment processes associated with a successful reuse program and possess the expertise and resources to tackle any reuse challenge you may have. Our services routinely include reuse master planning, treatment facility upgrades, infrastructure and pumping systems, and rate structure evaluations. Additionally, we have been able to provide clients with funding assistance, stakeholder buy-in, and long-term operations and management strategies to ensure sustainable solutions.

Treating water for reuse is an important part of water conservation efforts and, with proper planning and development, makes great economic sense. With Kimley-Horn, you’ll have a partner with the ability to move your complex reuse project from concept to completion—a team dedicated to providing you with innovative, cost-effective solutions that help meet your community’s water, economic, and environmental goals