Traction Priority

The movement you need—with the savings you want

Four-Way Intersection

Traction Priority is the next-generation signal priority solution that helps public and private entities move people and goods through the roadway network—safely, securely, and without added field infrastructure.

Prioritize the Movement of People and Goods

In emergencies, every second matters. In mass transit, smooth traffic improves safety and reliability. Agencies need solutions that deliver optimal performance with advanced safety and security measures.

Traction Priority gets priority vehicles through intersections efficiently, reducing travel time and improving safety for everyone. Traction Priority applies to any mode of transportation, including:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Transit
  • School buses
  • Snowplows
  • Freight vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Pedestrian traffic

How It Works

When a vehicle enters a virtual detection zone, Traction Priority issues a command to the traffic signal controller. Commands can vary based on the vehicle type and the locality’s preferences, as well as learnings from artificial intelligence. Once the vehicle exits the zone, it removes the command, and the traffic signal reverts to its previous settings.

Traction Priority operates in parallel with an agency’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) using industry-standard protocols. Traction Priority runs safely and securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform—which allows agencies to scale priority operations to tens of thousands of fleet vehicles and thousands of traffic signals with minimum effort and cost, even across multiple agency jurisdictions.

A Smart Solution Designed With You in Mind

Low Maintenance

Cloud-hosted software eliminates agency effort to update and upgrade the system.  World-class support service from dedicated staff:

  • Minimal recurring costs
  • No on-premise server hardware
  • Expert and dedicated support services

Optimal Performance

Powered by the cloud for more robust capabilities:

  • No more field visits. With machine learning and advanced dashboards, you can manage and monitor signal performance anytime from anywhere.
  • Cost-effective scalability across large metro areas
  • Leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform
  • Signal and Fleet Performance

Easy Implementation

Utilizes existing infrastructure and standards, creating ease and security:

  • Hassle-free installation
  • No outside equipment required
  • Flexible architecture
  • NTCIP standards-based
  • Support for all traffic signal controllers
  • Secure implementation using the Azure platform

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