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Stay connected with your transportation data.

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What Is Traction Live?

Traction Live is a browser- and mobile-based, cloud-hosted application delivering real-time signal and Smart City device data, anytime, anywhere. It features insightful dashboards, device maps, and mobile friendly lists to view, manage, and easily share data.

Traction Live’s interactive dashboards allow effortless collaboration with your partners, on-demand and the way you choose.

A Smart City needs to be monitored and maintained; Traction Live makes it possible to identify and solve issues before they become problems.

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Traction Live is a reliable and efficient way to monitor performance data.

Increase transparency with stakeholder dashboards

Conveniently access your performance data anytime, anywhere

Translate real-time data into easy-to-understand graphics and maps

No costly infrastructure or time-consuming deployments required

How It Works

Traction Live connects with your transportation network allowing you to quickly view and manage Traffic Management Center (TMC) data anytime, anywhere.

Your staff can use Traction Live to access the TMC remotely, and you can track the evolution of conditions as they happen. Plan ahead and respond to special events to keep traffic flowing as the situation changes. Share data with partners and automate multi-agency dashboards to give all stakeholders the data they need to know.

Traction Live allows you to view your dashboard on the video wall so you can make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Our mobile app is available for iPhone and Android and provides a secure and convenient user experience. Whether on the go or in the office, Traction Live keeps you connected to your transportation data.  

“Traction Live is essential to our daily and emergency operations. During a severe, nine-day winter storm in February 2021, over 30% of our signals went into flash and many people were unable to reach the TMC. Traction Live’s remote monitoring kept us in constant awareness of our signal network, enabling us to act quickly when every moment mattered.”

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