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Town of Flower Mound Western Pump Station

Aerial Pump Station

Kimley-Horn provided design, permitting, platting, and subconsultant coordination services for the Western Pump Station, Phase I in Flower Mound, Texas. While Phase I included the completion of a 25.9 MGD pump station and a 5M gallon storage tank, the ultimate capacity for this pump station is 43.2 MGD with a 10M gallon ground storage.


The Western Pump Station serves as the main water distribution source for the entire western portion of the Town of Flower Mound in Texas. The need for this pump station stemmed from increased development in the western part of Town. A new pump station was necessary to sustain the neighboring communities.

Phase I Capacity

  • 25.9 MGD Pump Station
  • 5M Gallon Storage Tank

Ultimate Capacity

  • 43.2 MGD Pump Station
  • 10M Gallon Ground Storage

The first phase of this project included the design of a 25.9 MGD pump station and a five-million-gallon prestressed concrete ground storage tank with all associated yard piping and site work. The ultimate pump station capacity will be 43.2 MGD with 10 million gallons of ground storage. The pumps are 6,000 gallons per minute (GPM), 450 Horsepower horizontal split case pumps. Two of the five pumps were equipped with variable frequency drives and the remaining pumps are fixed speed with soft starters.

Inside Dallas Western Pump Station
Inside Dallas Western Pump Station

Planning and Design Phase

Kimley-Horn was involved throughout every aspect of the project from planning and design through construction. As part of the planning phase, hydraulic modeling was performed to determine the size of the facility. The station had to be installed in phases to meet the initial demands of the system and be large enough to accommodate the ultimate buildout of the west part of the Town. The pump station was designed for future expansion and for an additional 5 MG of ground storage.

Designing a pump station and ground storage tank involved many moving parts. Through future-ready design and a quality control program, the project was successfully completed and officially put into service in fall of 2015.

 Dallas Western  Pump Station
Dallas Western Pump Station

Community Impact

The design and construction of this pump station were critical to expanding development in the west part of the Town and the pump station was constructed with the Town’s current and future residents in mind. The building was designed with a brick façade to blend in, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the neighboring community. This pump station, in conjunction with an elevated storage tank that was also designed by Kimley-Horn, serve as the sole water sources for the western portion of the Town of Flower Mound.