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Town of Palm Beach D-4 & D-10 Stormwater Pump Stations

Kimley-Horn provided design improvements, permitting, and construction phase services for the Town of Palm Beach D-4 and D-10 Stormwater Pump Stations.

The Town of Palm Beach selected Kimley-Horn for design improvements, permitting, and construction phase services for both the Town’s D-4 and D-10 Stormwater Pump Stations (SWPS).

The Town of Palm Beach utilized the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project delivery method where both stations were constructed simultaneously. This project included the replacement of three existing 26,000-GPM hydraulic pumps with electric submersible pumps, wetwell and outfall piping rehabilitation, construction of a new mechanical building,  installation of new emergency generators, a new ventilation system, an upgraded sound attenuation, and other associated improvements. These stations are situated between existing residential properties, so noise and aesthetic concerns were paramount in the design. Kimley-Horn was able to secure the necessary approvals and variances required for the project through both the Architectural Review Committee and Town Council by unanimous votes.

Improvements to each station included:

  • A new FPL electrical service and pad-mounted transformer
  • Extensive building modifications for a new electrical room
  • Expanded mechanical room with a sound-attenuated conversion of the existing FPL electrical vault into the new pump station electrical room which will house the new motor control center
  • Pump station control panel
  • Miscellaneous electrical equipment
  • Three new main submersible axial flow main pumps
  • One submersible axial duty pump
  • Wetwell improvements, including new discharge piping
  • Concrete divider walls between pumps and stainless steel pump supports for each pump
  • New generators which will provide emergency back-up power for the stormwater pump stations and local sanitary lift stations
  • Outfall improvements, including replacement of the end section of the 58-inch by 91-inch elliptical concrete pipe
  • Coating the entire length of the concrete outfall pipe will be rehabilitated with an epoxy coating and a rip-rap velocity dissipater based on South Florida Water Management
  • District permit requirements
  • Landscaping design to accommodate the request of the resident to the north of the project that the building be heavily screened from his view

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