Transportation Planning

The best transportation improvements start with a vision, plan, and strategy—and a partner who can pull those together.

A strong planning foundation allows communities and regions to make the best use of resources to advance projects and programs that respond to the diverse needs of a changing public. Kimley-Horn’s approach intentionally pairs transportation planners with designers, engineers, and subject matter experts to create realistic and implementable plans.

Long Range Planning

Metropolitan areas have been in the long range transportation planning business for decades. However, federal and state planning conditions are changing dramatically. Kimley-Horn’s approach to long range transportation planning looks beyond the regulations to arrive at the best solutions for each region. Our approach to long range transportation planning is centered around the following three principles:

  • Performance-based decision making – From visioning to implementation, our approach for long range transportation planning centers around quantifiable performance metrics. This process draws from the best and most recent available federal and state processes while responding to the unique needs of the region. We respond to all travel modes with an approach that makes the best use of available data and communicates results in a way that will be meaningful for all audiences.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement – Our approach to engagement is to not only inform the public but also to gather information that can guide the decision-making process. We base our engagement strategy around building participation rates, demographic and geographic diversity, and quality of feedback.
  • Implementable solutions – Kimley-Horn’s definition of a resilient transportation plan is one that goes beyond long-term priorities to translate into practical near-term solutions.

Diversity of Scale

Kimley-Horn is a nationally-recognized industry leader creating sustainable transportation plans for communities and regions large and small. Whatever the scale, our dedicated team remains focused on the partnerships necessary to establish effective and collaborative strategies. Our mode integration strategies, integrated planning process, and experience with local, regional, and statewide transportation planning positions us to offer our clients access to local experience and national expertise. These plans take many forms:

  • Long Range Transportation Plans
  • Metropolitan Transportation Plans
  • Countywide Transportation Plans
  • Community Transportation Plans

Forward Thinking

We are linking transportation planning to the community building challenges important to today’s cities and regions. Automated and Connected Vehicles working in concert with Mass Transit, Active Transportation, Travel Demand Management, and KITS Advanced Traffic Management System is a recipe for future success. By leveraging our in-house expertise in these areas, our long-range plans provide more effective strategies for the future.

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