Allegiant Stadium

$1.9 Billion


1.8 Million

square feet




Notably the largest entertainment venue in Las Vegas


Relocated a USACE facility that was obstructing the proposed building foundation


One of the fastest design and construction schedules for a stadium of its size (31 months)

The Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of the Raiders, a professional American football team based in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Giving the team a warm welcome to Las Vegas from Oakland, California, the Stadium instills Raiders pride in Nevada residents and Raiders fans.

HNTB chose to partner with Kimley-Horn for our wide variety of in-house planning and design services and track record of success working with large and diverse project teams. The massive, $1.9 billion project required 65,000 seats, options for additional seating for special events, a retractable field, and a critical path item of relocating an existing USACE facility prior to starting the foundation work. Kimley-Horn successfully obtained a permit from USACE on schedule to allow stadium foundation work to commence.

With involvement from experts across multiple disciplines, our team provided an array of services, including:

Upon completion in 2020, Allegiant Stadium held the title for the fastest design and construction schedule for a stadium of its magnitude. The project took a total of 31 months from start to finish.

“From the inception of the idea of Las Vegas stadium to current day, Kimley-Horn has overdelivered on every aspect of the project. We have relied on their expertise in engineering, infrastructure, transportation logistics and parking operations to create the most customer friendly gameday experience in the NFL. Their knowledge of the market and the approval processes has been instrumental in staying on schedule throughout the project. They come with our highest recommendation for anyone considering their services.”

Building Partnerships

Kimley-Horn entered into this project with a longstanding, public sector relationship with HNTB, but without a previous working relationship with the Raiders organization, or with the design architect, MANICA. David Manica, owner of MANICA Architecture, worked diligently with our team of designers to ensure the vision the owners of the Raiders had for the stadium was brought to life.

“We had a great time collaborating with Kimley-Horn. It was a comfortable, personal team. We worked with Kimley-Horn to make sure that the design was going to be as successful as it is.”


Kimley-Horn collaborated with project partners to complete the stadium—from design through construction—on time and within budget. Due to the size and scope of the stadium, the project team presented a monthly report on status, design, and construction to Clark County Stadium Authority to keep stakeholders aware of progress.

Uniquely Designed to Keep the Grass Green

Designed and built as a modern, luxurious venue, the stadium features a domed ETFE translucent roof ceiling with cable net truss system that creates smooth, lightweight aesthetic. The transparent roof protects players and fans from the desert heat while welcoming in natural light.

The desert heat also has a significant impact on grass growth, which can make designing for a real grass field difficult. As a result, the owners of the Raiders requested the stadium design plans include options for both a real grass field and a turf field. Helping to ensure the long-term lifespan of the grass field was an exciting challenge for Kimley-Horn.

To keep the grass growing and full, we designed a movable field tray. Weighing nearly 20 million pounds, the four-foot-deep movable tray slides on powered wheels, bringing the natural grass field outdoors for sunlight and water. The option to use this real grass field or a turf field, provides versatility for players and enhances the stadium’s ability to host a variety of events.

For a deeper dive into the design and construction of the Allegiant Stadium from the team responsible for building it, watch the YouTube series From the Ground Up which highlights the processes, challenges, and wins experienced during the construction of the one-of-a-kind stadium.

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HNTB; Las Vegas Stadium Events Company, LLC


Las Vegas, NV


“We had a great time collaborating with Kimley-Horn. It was a comfortable, personal team. We worked with Kimley-Horn to make sure that the design was going to be as successful as it is.”

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