Connected / Automated Vehicles

For states or communities considering how to plan for CAV, or connected and automated vehicles, the unknowns can seem overwhelming.

How do we prepare? How will licensing be affected—or security, or personal data, or vehicle insurance? What will CAV mean for infrastructure?  How will they impact services for the disabled? What are the implications for liability? Or legislation? How can CAV technology promote research and economic development in our region? Fortunately, you have somewhere to turn.

CAV Spoken Here

Kimley-Horn has been on the front lines of connected and automated vehicle planning for years. We are a trusted advisor on CAV technologies to national entities and organizations, state DOTs, international transportation authorities, and local agencies. Through these relationships, our firm is on the leading edge of developments in the advancement of CAVs from the perspective of technical and policy development.

Access a Network of Transportation Expertise

When you choose Kimley-Horn as your trusted advisor, you are choosing not only in-depth CAV experience but also a legacy of quality and exceptional client service that will help make your vision a reality. Our team is expert in infrastructure, planning, modal applications, and the theory and application of multimodal simulation to automated vehicles. We currently provide support to multiple state and local agencies actively developing CAV programs, providing the blueprint for activities that encourage growth and innovation within this technology.