Digital Delivery

Transportation project management and delivery are undergoing a digital transformation. State transportation agencies across the country are seeking ways to reduce project delivery time, cost, and risk, increase collaboration and innovation, and improve project outcomes and quality. Digital delivery is at the forefront of this change, and is bringing remarkable benefits to owners, engineers, and stakeholders.

At the core of digital delivery is the concept of model delivery.  Model as a Legal Document (MALD) replaces paper plans with a responsive, accessible, and clear design package that is much more effective for bidding, construction, and eventual asset management. This shift from paper to model is delivering specific benefits to a wide range of stakeholders. For owners and engineers, it offers enhanced clarity in conveying design intentions for construction and asset management, more opportunities for collaboration and integration within design and construction processes, and invaluable digital twins for future asset management. For contractors, MALD offers unparalleled clarity of design details and quantities, helping to improve bid accuracy and streamline construction.

The Future of Design is Happening Now

The transition to digital delivery is already underway, and the demand is growing rapidly. While owners are eager to make the transition, the implementation of digital delivery requires customization to fully realize its benefits. Kimley-Horn is working hand in hand with technology companies, the design and construction industry, and agencies to exchange information, provide training, and continue leading digital delivery projects. Since the inception of digital delivery, we have remained at the forefront of development, building from noteworthy success in planning, piloting, and full program implementation.  

Customized Digital Delivery Solutions

As the transportation industry evolves, Kimley-Horn is ready to partner with you to deliver customized digital delivery solutions that meet your specific needs. We provide a wide range of services to departments of transportation across the country—guiding and supporting their development and implementation of digital delivery programs, from planning through full organizational adoption and integration.

We bring each client solutions that respond to their unique needs, organizational structure and dynamics, and programs and projects. We will help you identify your organizational needs, gaps and focus areas, resource requirements, and program goals and implementation steps. We will evaluate risks and partner with you to build the framework and platform for fully electronic project delivery from design through construction.

Our experience spans:

  • Strategic planning
  • Process design
  • Organizational change management
  • Training
  • Peer exchanges
  • Project piloting
  • Guidance documents and standards
  • Workspace development
  • Technology evaluation and adoption
  • Design project piloting
  • Stakeholder and industry engagement