Integrated Corridor / Active Arterial Management

To successfully move your system forward, you must understand the technology and consider impacts to other systems, partners, and processes.

Integrated Innovation

Traffic management options are many: multimodal solutions like Bus on Shoulder, technology solutions like Variable Advisory Speed Signs, integrated solutions like Connected Corridors and Transportation Systems Management and Operations, arterial solutions like Incident Management strategies, freeway solutions like Express Lanes, and vehicle solutions like Connected Vehicles. Whatever option you choose to pursue, you’ll find Kimley-Horn influencing the development of these technologies and laying the groundwork for successful program deployments across the country.

Kimley-Horn’s integrated corridor management solutions position transportation agencies to be leaders in our constantly-evolving environment. Our solutions balance performance metrics, moving people, and system functionality with cutting edge innovations and proven success to transform your vision into tangible reality.

Where do you want to go?

With Kimley-Horn as your partner, you’ll get complete solutions tailored to your needs. Our strategic planning is driven by a history of practical and successful system implementations, and backed by strong Systems Engineering fundamentals. The end result? An integrated and cooperative system that puts you at the forefront of the industry.