ADA Transition Plan / Accessibility Consulting Services

Did you know that every government agency and public entity in the country is required to perform ADA self-evaluations of their current facilities and have a Transition Plan in place?

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically addresses making public transportation, services, and programs accessible to persons with disabilities. Therefore, designing and constructing facilities for public use that are not accessible by people with disabilities constitutes discrimination. Performing a self-evaluation enables you to pinpoint facilities, programs, and services that must be modified or relocated to comply with the ADA and, ultimately, develop an appropriate Transition Plan to address these non-compliant issues.

Providing the Framework for Accessibility

Kimley-Horn is a recognized leader in ADA self-evaluation and Transition Plan assistance; and our custom ArcGIS/GPS-based ADA data collection application can streamline this process to a successful completion. Our team can perform self-evaluations of facilities in the public rights-of-way to identify and record non-compliance with current ADA standards. Based on our work with municipalities across the country, we will provide strategy, guidance, and insight to help with your self-evaluation and ensure your ADA Transition Plan is in place.

Our experience team can lead you through federal requirements, including:

  • Designating an ADA coordinator
  • Providing public notice about ADA requirements
  • Establishing a grievance procedure
  • Developing internal design standards
  • Conducting a self-evaluation and developing a transition plan
  • Approving implementation schedules and budget
  • Monitoring implementation progress

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