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Southport Logistics Park

Kimley-Horn Southport Logistics Park Wilmer, TX

Strategically located in South Dallas along I-45 across from the Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal Terminal, Kimley-Horn planned, entitled, and designed this 9-million-square-foot, 531-acre industrial logistics park in Wilmer, Texas.

The Kimley-Horn team developed and vetted numerous master plans for the property and created Opinions of Probable Construction Cost in parallel for proforma supporting purposes. Since our master planning efforts, Kimley-Horn has advanced the design and permitting of $19 million in the first phase of infrastructure improvements and site civil design for 1.4 million square feet of speculative industrial space in the first two buildings. Our design services included a wastewater lift station, roadways, water, wastewater, and drainage infrastructure.

ETJ Development Agreement

The 531-acre property was annexed in December 2013 after negotiations and receiving City Council approval of an ETJ Development Agreement. In partnership with the client’s land use attorney, Kimley-Horn helped to develop the following agreement highlights:

  • The City of Wilmer will commit to issuance of bonds solely to the benefit of reimbursing the Owner for infrastructure costs
  • The City of Wilmer will support the Owner’s effort to designate the property or a portion thereof a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Economic Development Incentives: the agreement has intentional language that the City will allow creation of a TIRZ, Triple Freeport Exemption, and Tax Abatements for individual development if/when those are brought to the City as the park develops.