Whirlpool Regional Distribution Center

Whirlpool Regional Distribution Center - Wilmer, Texas - Kimley-Horn Industrial Distribution and Warehouses

In an effort to overhaul its distribution system nationwide, Whirlpool consolidated more than 40 older distribution sites into roughly ten large regional distribution centers. For its Wilmer location, Kimley-Horn provided civil engineering services for this 1,020,000-square-foot complex on 57 acres in First Industrial’s DalPort Business Park.

This project involves the relocation of an existing facility currently housed in a former General Motors plant in south Forth Worth. The new facility in Wilmer includes 330 trailer parking stalls and 205 car parking spaces. Kimley-Horn designed the site to separate car and truck traffic and established a secure common point of ingress and egress for trucks.

Our services included topographic and boundary surveying; preliminary and final platting; site civil, landscape, and irrigation design; and rail spur design. The owner has guided the design to retain the ability to subdivide the building into multiple tenants at the end of Whirlpool’s lease, should it not be extended.

A rail spur is being constructed in coordination with Union Pacific, and the spur will tandem track and enter an enclosure attached to the warehouse to protect the inventory from the elements.

Close coordination with off-site infrastructure under design and construction parallel to the site improvements was a critical project element.