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I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility Project (I-80 SMART Corridor)

Kimley-Horn I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility Project (I-80 SMART Corridor)

Kimley-Horn was the lead planner, designer, and integration manager for this $92-million project that involved the implementation of an integrated Active Traffic Management system with managed lanes along a 20.5-mile stretch of I-80 and San Pablo Avenue, the Bay Area’s most congested freeway segment. The main elements of this project included upgrades and integration of ITS elements on I-80, parallel arterial routes, and connecting local roadways. The freeway segment includes up to 10 lanes of traffic, including an HOV lane being considered for Express Lane treatment.

Kimley-Horn led the preparation of the initial documents—including a Corridor Systems Management Plan (CSMP), project report, and environmental document—and has completed the construction packages which include 11 overhead freeway gantries with electronic signs. The freeway ITS improvements were prepared in separate construction packages including a Traffic Operations System (TOS), Adaptive Ramp Metering (ARM), Active Traffic Management (ATM), local street improvements, and a System Integration (SI) package. Kimley-Horn obtained encroachment permits from Caltrans District 4 for the installation of trailblazer signs, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, communications systems, and transit signal priority systems along State Route 123 (San Pablo Avenue).

The Freeway Management System includes detailed plans, specifications, and estimates for 11 overhead gantries, Information Display Boards, CCTV cameras, Changeable Message Signs (CMS), Lane Use Signs (LUS), Variable Advisory Speed Signs (VASS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) stations, Traffic Monitoring Stations (TMS), and Adaptive Ramp Metering.

As the System Manager, Kimley-Horn prepared the procurement documents for the System Integrator and provides oversight support for all of the construction, integration, and testing activities. Real-time communications to these freeway elements are provided by a network of communications hubs linked to the Caltrans District 4 Transportation Management Center.

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