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FDOT Aviation Office Airfield Pavement Management

Kimley-Horn's consultants provided pavement management services for more than 100 airports in Florida.

Ranging from small general aviation airports to large international hubs, the State of Florida has more than 100 public airports that are vital to the local and national economies. In 1992, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) implemented the Statewide Airfield Pavement Management Program (SAPMP) to improve assessments of pavement conditions at the state’s public airports, identify maintenance needs, automate information management, and establish standards to address future needs.

Pavement Management Program Updates

FDOT selected Kimley-Horn to perform the 2010-2011, 2013-2015, and 2016-2018 updates to the SAPMP. Services provided by our airport pavement management consultants include:

  • Updating and migrating the original mapping developed for the program to a GIS platform, allowing for the use of GPS equipment in the field and for interface with other databases
  • Utilizing the United States Marine Corps of Engineers (USACE) MicroPAVER to perform condition analysis, evaluate future pavement performance, develop performance curves, and determine a ten-year maintenance and rehabilitation program for each airport
  • Preparing individual reports for each airport, with summary reports being provided to each FDOT district and an overall statewide report for the FDOT Central Office
  • Performing condition surveys on 94 of the state’s airports over a tow-year period
  • Providing technical and administrative assistance to the FDOT Aviation Office project manager during the execution of the program, including evaluation of the new FAA PAVEAIR program and testing it in direct comparison to MicroPAVER
  • Researching other pavement issues on behalf of FDOT to ensure the program was up to date on industry standards

Airfield Inspection and Distress Repair Training Courses

As part of the SAPMP, the FDOT Aviation and Spaceports Office has made it a priority to ensure airport staff, consultants, and engineers are part of the continuous implementation of pavement management through rigorous technical training. The Department has invested in a comprehensive education program that provides fundamental training to aviation professionals in all aspects of efficient pavement management, with an emphasis on Airfield Design Inspection Surveys and Airfield Disaster Repair. Kimley-Horn has been the prime consultant for this program since its inception five years ago. With two major training sessions per year, the Kimley-Horn team supports the program through the development of curriculum, material, presentations, and instruction.