Meet Our Team

What makes Kimley-Horn so special? The commitment, creativity, and connection of our people. Clients and staff members choose Kimley-Horn for a similar reason: to surround themselves with expertise and support from a team of exceptional people. Whatever their role, Kimley-Horn people stand out for their outstanding skills, collaborative mindset, and dedication to providing exceptional client service.

Meet a few of our teammates here:


Adam Perillo

Landscape Architecture — Phoenix, AZ

“As a landscape architect, I assist clients in reaching solutions that keep their projects moving. The diversity of experience and knowledge on our team allows us to meet clients’ needs on time and on budget. Kimley-Horn allows me to have control over my own destiny, and I’m trusted, treated professionally, and given the freedom and support to develop my practice.”

Ana Stroud

Marketing — Dallas, TX

In my role, I work with professionals across our region to identify potential business opportunities and coordinate the proposals and supporting materials that turn those opportunities into new business. I love that I am encouraged to contribute ideas that could bring the firm success. We all aim to make others successful–Kimley-Horn is a firm that practices true teamwork.

Anne DeBoard

Landscape Architecture — Phoenix, AZ

I work as a task and project manager with our landscape architecture team. I’m fortunate to have both public and private clients, allowing me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including roadway landscapes, neighborhood parks and streetscapes, and transit. I love the culture at Kimley-Horn. Our staff is known for expertise, quality of work, and commitment to clients.

Beth Reed

Environmental — Raleigh, NC

As a senior environmental scientist/project manager, my job entails evaluating properties for various environmental features such as wetlands, streams, protected species, and natural communities, as well as preparing reports detailing our findings. I also work with our clients to obtain the appropriate federal and state environmental permits. The thing that I enjoy most about my job is the great diversity of project types and geographic locations. The people at Kimley-Horn are definitely what I like best about our firm. Kimley-Horn provides a teamwork environment – everyone works together to make our clients successful.

Dhruva Lahon

Transportation / TSMO — Dallas, TX

I work on analyzing and modeling traffic systems, including freeways, traffic signals, roundabouts, transit signal priority, and preemption. I believe that my employment at KHA is my career, not just a job. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work on different projects and serve both internal and external clients. I regularly receive mentoring by senior staff. KHA encourages each one of us to realize our full potential and rewards us for our contributions.

Glenn Gary

Water / Wastewater — Fort Worth, TX

I am responsible for water utilities in Texas: assessing market opportunities and clients, positioning Kimley-Horn to serve these clients, and providing excellent client service once selected. I focus on making the name “Kimley-Horn” synonymous with quality utility engineering. The opportunity to set my own course and know I will be supported by my partners has been the best part about working at KHA. In addition, the firm has proven time and time again that employees are rewarded for their great efforts.

Jennifer Harry

Land Development — San Diego, CA

As a civil engineer focusing on land development, sustainability, and transit, I manage projects and assist clients through entitlements and construction drawings. I like seeing a project through from beginning to end, meeting the challenges our clients put forward, and building relationships with my clients. The people at Kimley-Horn are terrific, and the culture really provides the opportunity to direct your own career development.

Jennifer Tremayne

Environmental — Phoenix, AZ

I focus on managing environmental regulatory compliance issues for both the private and public sector. My NEPA experience includes transportation projects such as municipal, aviation and recreational facilities. I also prepare biological documentation and coordinate with federal, state, and local agencies. I love the diversity of the projects and clients I get to work with. After being here for nine years, Kimley-Horn is like a family to me.

Kevin Schanen

Water / Wastewater — West Palm Beach, FL

As a practice builder serving local municipal clients in southeast Florida, I assist my clients on a wide range of projects, and serve as an Office Practice Leader. The variety of projects and challenges that I get to help my clients with on a daily basis and the talented group of professionals that I work with are the best parts of my job. It’s a team where we are all on the same page looking out for the good of the group and working together to better serve our clients.

Leyla Hedayat

Transit — San Jose, CA

As an individual transit practice leader and an office leader, I am faced with exciting projects every day. I’ve had the opportunity to work in every Kimley-Horn region in the country, with many different clients. I especially love the variety and challenges presented by transit projects. I am motivated by the exceptional team I work with and my colleagues at Kimley-Horn.

Lisa Stone

Roadway — West Palm Beach, FL

I am a project manager for PD&E studies (NEPA compliance), and no single day is the same. Some days I might be evaluating alternatives for interchanges on a major highway and the next day I might be holding a large scale public meeting. I thoroughly appreciate all of the resources KHA has to offer which makes my job more seamless. I work with a lot of great people!

Lori Hall

Human Resources — Reston, VA

I oversee the HR function for the Atlantic region, including hiring new employees, helping our employees with various needs, salary and promotions reviews, career ladder revisions, training and development, and other special projects. Hands down, the people at Kimley-Horn are the best. I am surrounded by intelligent people who care about what they do, how they serve their clients, and how they relate to their coworkers. I am honored to work with such talented people in literally every role and discipline across the firm.

Mark Dunzo

TSMO — Raleigh, NC

I am an intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and transportation planning practice builder. I work with a team of talented folks that help clients plan for, design, deploy, and operate ITS and computerized signal system projects. Together, we help clients identify future corridor and system transportation deficiencies and develop strategies to mitigate these deficiencies. I love the entrepreneurial element of our firm and the fact that I can continue to grow my career while remaining in practice. The team I get to work with is able to follow clients most places they take us and expand the services we provide to them in some pretty exotic directions.

Mike Colety

Transportation / TSMO — Las Vegas, NV

I have worked in various aspects of transportation planning and traffic operations over my 14 years with Kimley-Horn. Kimley-Horn gives me the support to pursue opportunities that interest me the most. I benefit from the experience of others throughout the firm, and have worked with my local partners to pursue opportunities in areas that were new to me, such as intelligent transportation systems, bicycle, pedestrian and safety projects, and even a little bit of forensics and evacuation traffic planning.

Mike Ross

Aviation — San Diego, CA

I manage public sector transportation planning and design projects. During my 20+ years at Kimley-Horn, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of aviation, roadway, transit, and rail projects. What I like best about Kimley-Horn is that it’s a company that is driven by its culture of client service and core values of taking care of its people, rather than by policies and procedures.

Nate Walnum

Aviation — Phoenix, AZ

I am a project manager of airport projects involving landside improvements, roadways, utilities, parking facilities, structures, traffic, and people movers. Working for a multi-discipline firm allows me to find answers to any questions my clients might have. There are always technical experts willing to give advice and help out with any project issues.

Takesia Tate

Production Support — Dallas, TX

My number one task is to assist our regional team, coordinating meetings, schedules and projects. Strangely enough, I like the urgency in the work I do! It is rewarding to know that I’m trusted to just get the job done. KHA tends to hire great people, and most of our work descriptions can be customized to fit our strengths and interests. Not many companies are this flexible.