Airport Construction Phase Services

Construction phase services are crucial to your project’s overall success. While we strive for easy-to-understand plans, questions during the bidding and construction phases are inevitable as contractors look for their own creative ways to interpret the project and implement construction. From bidding to closeout, you need a partner who will provide construction oversight to guarantee that your project accurately represents the plans and specifications and is completed on schedule.

Your Partner Through the End

Kimley-Horn has provided bidding and construction phase services for hundreds of airport projects ranging from parking lot overlays to runway reconstruction. Whether we are called upon to administer our design or those of one of your other consultants, we take the responsibility very seriously. During construction, our team will take an aggressive, proactive approach as we monitor the progress of the project with you. We will anticipate potential problems and delays and try to avoid them before they occur. With Kimley-Horn, you gain access to a skillful team of professionals experienced in all types of construction including airside and landside, as well as the services of a full-time resident project representative to monitor construction as required by the FAA. As your construction phase services consultant, we can offer you:

  • Bid document preparation and contractor notification
  • Pre-construction conference
  • Visits to site and observation of construction
  • Attendance at regular construction progress meetings
  • Clarifications and interpretations
  • Change orders review and recommendation
  • Shop drawings and samples review
  • Substitutes and “or-equal” evaluation
  • Inspections and tests of non-standard site related work
  • Applications for payment review and recommendations
  • Substantial completion determination
  • Site punch list generation
  • Final notice of acceptability of the work

Kimley-Horn’s approach focuses on getting the project built in a manner that meets the needs of the airport and the design intent of the engineer. We believe that a project isn’t successful until it is built to your satisfaction and the paperwork is complete—including project documentation and closeout for any permits. Most importantly, we serve as an extension of your staff to assist in seeing your most challenging projects through to the end.