Landside Design

Increased demand in air travel means increased landside traffic—generating more roadway, curbside, and parking congestion for passengers, crew, cargo, and employees. Optimized landside infrastructure and operations are vital in providing a positive passenger experience.

Equally important are these elements’ contributions to your bottom line, as income generated by parking, rental cars, and ground transportation often comprise more than half of an airport’s operating revenue.

When evaluating and planning your landside operations, numerous challenges stand in the way of a safe and efficient experience for all users: phasing today’s traffic around tomorrow’s construction; managing an unending stream of commercial vehicles; expediting passengers and baggage through security areas; providing parking for cars, rental cars, cabs, and vans. As demands on your facilities grow ever more intense, Kimley-Horn’s fresh solutions will keep your landside operations flowing.

Solutions for Landside Efficiency

From access roads and gates to baggage claim areas and full-service adjacent industrial manufacturing and shipping facilities, Kimley-Horn’s expert in-house staff can provide the planningdesign, and construction services you need for any landside project. Our seasoned team of aviation, transportation, structural, and environmental experts bring you in-depth knowledge of sustainable, cost-effective solutions to defuse congestion and maximize net revenue. Furthermore, our excellent reputation with government agencies and airport authorities gives us the resources to fast-track your project through the required approvals and ultimately to a successful completion.

With our combination of local knowledge and national expertise, we understand and recognize the challenges that are unique to your airport so we can better develop solutions, with creativity and flexibility, to meet your specific needs and requirements. As your trusted landside design partner, we are committed to accomplishing your goals and objectives—helping you realize the full potential of your landside operations and infrastructure to meet the airport demands of tomorrow.