Airport Parking / Revenue Control

As passenger traffic continues to increase, parking remains a highly valuable asset for airports—serving as the first and last impression of your airport, giving users an efficient means of travel between their vehicles and terminals, and providing a source of revenue.

Defining and accommodating parking needs to serve growing airport activity requires out-of-the-box thinking. How can you make parking more convenient? Prepare for the future of shared economy and connected vehicles? Improve security? Keep a closer watch on revenues? Help visitors find a parking facility? Reduce long-term maintenance costs? To answer these questions, you need to be able to design and construct parking lots and garages, install security and surveillance systems, develop informational and directional signage, find ways to improve your revenue control system, and assess how new parking technologies can address your operational needs—smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and connected vehicles, just to name a few. Kimley-Horn is ready to partner with you to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to each of these tasks and more.

Take Your Parking to the Next Level

Whether it’s planning for a parking revenue control system, guidance system, reservation system, or valet system, we can serve as your full-service parking consultant by providing you with a multi-disciplined team of professionals who can prepare you for the future. This team includes aviation experts who have served airports around the country and parking specialists who have solved the toughest parking challenges for hundreds of public and private clients.

With this experienced team under one roof, we bring a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the parking planning, procurement support, program development, demand projection, and design/construction needs of airports around the nation. Our goal is to provide your airport’s visitors with the most convenient and efficient parking experience possible—considering the need for access, information, and circulation from the time they enter the airport until they pay for parking and safely exit the property.