Security Design

While the average passenger notices TSA agents at the screening checkpoints, this is only one of the many security functions being performed at an airport. A comprehensive security system is vital to the protection of your airport’s assets and the safety of every person who passes through your facility.

From fiber optic loops and cameras to controlled access systems and vehicle checkpoints, you need a trusted consultant with the expertise to design the security elements needed for your project and the knowledge to do it in a way that is cost-effective and easy to construct.

Advanced Security Solutions

Kimley-Horn is an industry leader in the integration and implementation of security solutions at airports of any size and function, providing a broad range of extensive in-house advanced security technology planning and design capabilities. Because we are not suppliers of security systems or components, we offer you absolute independence and objectivity, a complete focus on the airport’s best interests, and an understanding and commitment to security improvements that minimize capital and operating costs and maximize performance. Our security planning and design services include:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) (visual and infrared; analog and digital) cameras and Video Management Systems
  • Access control (including biometrics) of vehicle screening checkpoints and terminal areas
  • Intrusion response planning and design, including perimeter security
  • Remote detection
  • Baggage control and transfer locations
  • Cell phone pings
  • Fiber and wireless communications
  • Internet protocol mesh nodes

With Kimley-Horn, you receive access to a team that has unprecedented national security and airport infrastructure experience. Our knowledge of airports across the U.S. position as a national leader in the aviation consulting industry, and responsive service can help you meet your goals.

Let us help secure your airport by providing a plan that serves your interests and objectives with flexible, affordable, and technologically advanced security solutions.